About Us

Glusman, Chowers, Lahat & Co. offers its clients from Israel and abroad a one-stop shop for providing a comprehensive, top tier legal and business-oriented service. The firm combines a team of seasoned and highly-esteemed attorneys in their areas of practice following the merger of Lahat, Nahum, Shimony & Co. with partners from Glusman & Co. to form the new law firm of Glusman, Chowers, Lahat & Co. at the beginning of 2019. The partners of the new law firm bring with them many years of experience and uncompromising professionalism based on broad and in-depth knowledge spanning many areas of law. Combined with a dedicated and talented team of associates, the firm delivers time after time the best and most effective results.

Our goal at Glusman, Chowers, Lahat & Co. is to provide you with a complete end-to-end legal service and to be your committed partners for the long haul. As a business-oriented law firm, we will provide you with a premier, available and comprehensive service for every transaction, project, venture or legal proceeding in order to deliver the best practical legal and commercial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The firm’s attorneys provide top tier legal services in a wide range of areas, combining rich professional experience with the belief in cultivating strong personal relationships with each and every client. A deep familiarity with the ins and outs of the business world and extensive experience in all aspects of the commercial and international world enable us to deliver to you the best results. We share with our clients not only our legal knowledge and experience, but also our accumulated business experience from many years of counseling businesses in diverse sectors and at different phases in their life cycle.

In the aim of providing an uncompromising professional service and maintaining a personal relationship with the client, each client is accompanied by a partner with the requisite expertise and experience in the field. We believe that what sets our firm apart is the combination of forging a personal relationship with each client, the welcoming treatment that each client receives, the professionalism of our team of attorneys, a commercial approach and the years of experience accumulated by the firm.

We at Glusman, Chowers, Lahat and Co. see ourselves as dealmakers, and believe that the attorney must fill a key role in every project or proceeding in which are clients are involved, not only in providing an excellent legal service, but also in providing creative commercial solutions based on professionalism, a deep understanding of the field and many years of experience. Fostering long-term relationships with our clients enables us to intimately understand their legal and business needs and help them grow.

The firm’s clients include some of the most vibrant and prominent companies in Israel and worldwide as well as private investors, real estate developers, contractors, among others. In the high-tech field, we represent companies, such as Avaya Israel, Tadiran Telecom, Nano Dimension, Allium Medical, Tailor Brands, The Time Innovations, Cloudendure, CyberX, Code Monkey, Ceragon Networks, Utilis and more. The firm has clients in the industrial sector, including defense industry companies, such as Plasan Sasa, as well as pharmaceutical companies, such as Takeda, Abbvie, BioView and others. In the field of real estate and urban renewal, we represent major real estate developers, such as EcoCity, Moshe Hadif Holdings & Construction Ltd.,Bone Haarets Hayafa Ltd., the Strauss Group, the Romano Group and more. In the media and communications sector, we represent McCann Tel Aviv, Reuveni Friedan, The Time Innovations Ltd. and more. Among our clients are also various authorities and government-owned companies.