Litigation and Dispute resolution

The Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department specializes in managing and resolving disputes and representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of legal proceedings, including claims management, arbitration and mediation. The department counsels and represents Israeli and multinational clients in complex commercial and civil cases before the various courts in Israel as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Coupled with its vast experience in representing clients in commercial cases, the department also has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of copyright, designs and trademark laws and in cases involving rights of artists, authors, writers and composers of musical and dramatic works as well as cases involving rights to trademarks, trademark registration and protection in proceedings litigated before the courts and the Registrar of Trademarks.

The department has unique and extensive experience in representing food corporations in the area of distribution laws, devising management strategies for food corporations in terms of distribution, ongoing training of company executives, dispute management and representation of clients in the courts in distribution law disputes.

The department also has substantial experience in representing manufacturers in class action suits, and a successful track record in litigating such cases.

In addition, the department provides ongoing legal counseling to the firm’s clients in many areas of administrative law, including filing administrative petitions. The department’s team of attorneys is highly experienced in representing and guiding clients throughout the tender process, including representing bidders in government tenders. The department’s attorneys have a profound knowledge of Israeli tender laws and prep and advise clients on the administrative processes, bid preparation and submission.

The department has vast experience in litigating some of the most challenging and complex civil cases in the various civil-commercial courts in Israel on a broad spectrum of issues, including appeals and petitions to the Supreme Court, both sitting as an appellate court and as the High Court of Justice.

Adv. Zvi Chowers, an esteemed litigator leads who leads the litigation practice, also serves as an arbitrator and mediator in civil disputes involving trade, corporations, intellectual property and real estate.