Real Estate and urban renewal

leading real estate projects

  • Gonen st.

    Gonen st., Tel Aviv
    tama 38/1

    Representing a developer in a TAMA 38/1 project.
    Project completed.

  • Train st.

    Train st., Tel Aviv
    construction of residential, offices and commercial building project, of more than 60,000 sqm

    Representing a developer.
    Visualization: Danny Kaiser

  • Sky Center Project

    Sky Center Project, Yahud
    construction of office and commercial building

    Representing a developer and a purchase group. development and construction of commercial and office building
    In progress.

  • Crémieux st.

    Crémieux st., Tel Aviv
    Private developing

    Representing a private client. an residential building for Historic preservation.
    In progress.

  • Dgania st.

    Dgania st., Netanya
    Development and construction

    Development and construction of a 22 residential units building.
    Project completed.

  • Nisan Cohen 3A-5A st.

    Nisan Cohen 3A-5A st., Tel Aviv
    TAMA 38/2

    Representing a developer. Development and construction of a 18 residential units building.
    In progress

  • Yehuda Hayamit St.

    Yehuda Hayamit St., Jaffa
    TAMA 38/1

    Representing a developer in a TAMA 38/1 project.

  • "Young" project, Jaffa
    Development and construction

    Representing a developer. Development and construction of a 61 residential units building.
    Project completed.

The firm’s Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department handles all aspects of commercial and private real estate transactions. The firm has extensive experience in representing developers, contractors, purchase groups and private landowners in a broad range of transactions and projects, including income-producing real estate, development and construction of office and commercial buildings, sale and purchase transactions, etc.

The department also specializes in guiding and counseling clients in urban renewal projects, and has led TAMA 38/1 projects for strengthening aging buildings, TAMA 38/2 projects for demolition and reconstruction and evacuation-construction projects throughout the country. The department represents both building developers and apartment owners wishing to advance urban renewal projects in their residential buildings. The department’s attorneys enjoy a tremendous advantage owing to their familiarity with the legal and commercial world from both sides of the urban renewal project, which enables them to spearhead and bring high quality projects to fruition.

The department provides its clients with a one-stop shop for all the legal services they need to execute successful and high-yield transactions in a comprehensive manner throughout the life of the project or transaction. The department’s attorneys closely guide their clients through all phases of the project, from the earliest phases (due diligence and property feasibility studies) to the finish line when the client is registered as the property owner or with the successful completion of the commercial project.

The department’s legal team provides creative solutions to complex legal and commercial problems that arise in the course of the transactions as well as a legal umbrella that gives the client – whether he is a private individual in a sale/purchase transaction or a large developer in a complex real estate development project – the peace of mind to focus on the practical side of executing the project.

The department is listed year after year in the top tier rankings of law firms in the fields of real estate and urban renewal, where the department was ranked in 2018 as a forerunner in the field.

Among the transactions and projects the department handles:

  • Transactions for the purchase and sale of properties
  • Urban renewal and TAMA 38 strengthening and reconstruction projects
  • Initiating projects and counseling developers for the construction and sale of properties
  • Lease agreements
  • Due diligence and locating properties
  • Construction, contracting and service agreements
  • “Combination transactions” in which the landowner transacts with a developer for receiving units in a project in exchange for development services
  • Purchase groups and groups of purchasers
  • Various financing agreements
  • Property management agreements
  • Partnership and co-ownership agreements
  • Handling the taxation aspects of property transactions and tax planning
  • Cross-border real estate transactions